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marginally in the green. strength in defensive telecoms were partially offset due to falling oil prices. over in japan, the nikkei heat a three-week low as investors remained cautious ahead of the boj and ecb meetings, but the retailer rallied, because annual group sales could top nearly $1 billion. if so, it would be the first japanese retailer to ever reach that scale. over in australia, the asx 200 edged up to a 14-month high. minors slumped following a short rise in the trait deficit. india now higher by .2%. >> up next, uk drinks maker have been given an extinction to survive. that's up next. >>> and now for a fluffy news story. we don't always get to do this. looking at pictures of cute animals may actually increase workers' concentration and productivity. that's according to researchers at the university of hiroshima. does your cute puppy or cat increase your productivity? if you want to join the conversation, get in touch with us by e-mail, via twitter, and i'm also on twitter as well. >>> the french president is facing some pest problems. a small group of entrepreneurs are making hea
as investors took profit on defensive plays. >>> european policymakers, made grid's budget a major step towards recovery, but today the government must brace for the results of the banking stress tests. teach sedgwick has been following the story for us all week out of madrid. steve, good morning. sounds like we may not know the results of the stress tests until well after the afternoon. >> yesterday i had an interesting question, he said what time is the budget due. i said about an hour and a half ago. and that's the problem with communication here in spain. we don't get finite times of when things will happen until very often after they've started. in the end of course we got the spanish budget announcement somewhere in the region of 5:00 p.m. local time having been told the press conference will be at 1:30. so after market seems to be the consensus at the moment. when that means could mean up until monday, i guess. but in terms of the stress test itself, i wouldn't get too worked up about it. yes, it will show that the banks potentially will borrow money, but they don't need as much as feare
talked about his trillion dollars in tax cuts and his trillion dollars in additional defense spending. it is mathematically impossible to accomplish what governor romney proposed. he sat there and talked about working with congress, addressing health care. the most ironic part was when governor romney was out there discussing -- >> that's simply not true. >> criticizing the president when in fact his policy similar to the president proposed. >> that's not true. if you look at what president obama was doing -- >> there's a long ways before the election is over. governor romney had one good day out of a horrific campaign by any standard. now the question is what happens after this. >> the campaign was so horrific, chris, then the polls wouldn't be as close as they are and national polls have them neck and neck. >> i'm not sure what polls you're remembering ferring to. >> let me finish. romney is up in some of the daily tracking polls. so the campaign is not -- again, chris, hold on a second. >> that's not factually true. he down in the balance will you please every single tracking poll.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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